Public Viewing for Vienna travellers – Worldcup 2018

Public viewing in Vienna is always an experience, even if Austria may not always be part of the competition. But there are enough supporters of participating teams in our melting pot from Western and Eastern Europe. The rest can enjoy the public viewing as well.

It’s that time again – the Football World Cup 2018 is coming – and who does not intend to fly for a close-up experience to Russia, has enough good opportunities in Vienna to experience the emotions via screens with live broadcasts and with many other football fans at the public viewing.

A new law

In March of this year, many thought this experience will not be available due to the new law for betting- at least one contribution of the WKO from 13.3.2018 said so. Under the title “Pure fun brake: the end of public viewing events in Vienna” the Vienna WK warned, due to the tightening of the betting law, that a possible end to not only all public viewing events, but also for TV broadcasts in the “pub next door” might be around the corner. We are not sure if the news site of the WKO simply needed a scandal title or if they wanted to prepare the population in good time for a worst-case scenario, but already a short time later, on March 22nd the site defused the panic. It made it clear that the tightening up of this law should be directed exclusively against companies that are clearly identified as betting shops and not against general catering establishments.

Anyone who – like many others in the city – has not noticed anything of the initial panic can therefore remain as calm as before, and everyone else can start breathing again.

The public viewing in Vienna is thus saved for the time being and we have asked all the venues that were already broadcasting the Euro 2016 for information; a few also responded very fast, and we then began compiling all the input and put everything together so that we can provide you here with the latest information regarding public viewing for the 2018 World Cup:

Some will not be broadcast in 2018

First the less good news:

There will not be a big Fan Areal on Rathausplatz in Vienna in 2018, except perhaps for the final. Also Tel Aviv Beach has decided against it this year as has the Kursalon Hübner, as they both told us and some restaurants will be also for various reasons – partly because of the lack of participation of Austria – have decided against it.

But there is reason to be curious, because what is not released yet, according to ORF, but should be published in early to mid June, is the summary list of all FIFA licensed events!

What does FIFA licensed events mean?

If you are surprised now what this means, we quote the ORF (Austrian television and holder of rights to broadcast the FIFA World Cup) on this :

“Commercial public broadcasts are subject to royalties and have a commercial character, such as the sale of food and drink, entrance fees or sponsorship by third parties.”

For this a FIFA license is required, which is organized and mediated in Austria by the ORF.

Exceptions are only small events in bars / hotels / restaurants. “

And regarding all non-commercial transmissions, we provide you with the best possible info here. In our article “Public Viewing for the Football World Cup 2018 in Vienna II – the hippest locations in Vienna”, we summarize again all the usual Vienna insiders suspects you already know as a Viennese

Here we list all the places that have responded to our inquiries, many thanks for that – so we have current insider info that can not be googled easily and therefore come here…

The best public viewing places for the 2018 World Cup for visitors to Vienna

TGI Fridays

The American (casual) Diner at Schubertring 13 in Vienna is the only representative of the famous New York chain in a German-speaking country. With the restaurant on 3 levels and a “Schanigarten” (outside location) it offers the Viennese burger and steak aficionados enough space and delicious cocktails in “ultimate size”. Due to its central location at Schwarzenbergplatz, it is also easily accessible from all directions and a great starting point for all those who still feel like clubbing after the football matches.

On 9 screens (5 TV and 4 projector), the TGI Friday broadcasts all games  with room for 240 guests.

Also, the management of the American franchise has come up with a few extras: They offer football fans their own specials, so-called “World Cup Buckets”, such as Corona Bucket, Bucket of Wings, etc.

Just have a look, watch and admire the American offers 😉

And for all those who do not fall victim to the football fever: due to its excellent location in the middle of Vienna on the Schwarzenbergplatz, the diner offers a central starting point after eating. Either for a walk along the ring or a detour to the city park as well as to the Stephansplatz etc

pubic viewing Vienna - TGI Fridays Burger diner in Vienna outside view

TGI Fridays

Schubertring 13

1010 Vienna


Hofbräu zum Rathaus

It may be due to my Bavarian roots, but I think you must have seen at least one football live broadcast in the Hofbräuhaus. And you do not have to travel to Munich, here in Vienna is a gastronomic heart of Bavaria in the middle of the city; Located in the 8th district, just off the border with the first district, and not far from the town hall, this beer mecca has a selection of around a dozen different beers.

You can say what you want from this statement, but beer and football simply belong together, like orchestra and concert; and Mr. Adam, who “renovated” the parental company in 2015, has also diligently provided us with information. In a rustic setting, all games are shown indoor and outdoor with space for 280 guests inside and 200 outside.

This restaurant is also located in a wonderful location opposite the Vienna City Hall and offers a geographically optimal point of contact or starting point for further plans before or after the football game.

This restaurant is also centrally located and provides an ideal point of contact or starting point for further plans before or after the football match.

For all Vienna visitors, their families or their partner is not so interested in the gameplay, which we advise at this point, that very close to the Vienna Residence Orchestra plays classical concerts every day. As a salon orchestra, you will authentically convey the impression of private concerts in the times of Mozart and Strauss.

So, as already said, a football match in a Hofbräuhaus must be experienced at least once, and it is also possible in Vienna! White sausages are still available after 11 o’clock in the morning, a huge selection of beer and other down-to-earth Bavarian-Austrian dishes. Bavarian corner around the corner of the city government …

Hofbräu zum Rathaus

Florianigasse 2

1080 Vienna


Kolariks Luftburg

Just as comfortable and as well as down-to-earth  you will find Kolariks Luftburg (air castle) in the Vienna Prater. Probably every Viennese knows the restaurateurs Kolarik, and probably everyone has been there once in the traditional Viennese restaurant in Europe’s oldest amusement park. The Vienna Prater is also the largest green area in Vienna center and offers all kinds of adventure and fun for the whole family. Imagine dad watching the game while the rest of the family raves in the huge fun zone of the capital.

What must be mentioned here is that around the corner you’ll find the new beer bar “Himmelreich” EXCLUSIVELY can be rented for PRIVATE World Cup Viewing; details below.

The air castle offers with 11 flat screens for all games inside and outside for about 500 guests

Kolariks Luftburg

Waldsteingartesstraße 128, Prater

1020 Vienna

See also:

Das Himmelreich

The “Himmelreich” (heaven) – the young beer brother – can be rented privately for all games that are shown on 3 screens, whether inside or outside.

Kolariks Himmelreich – Prater 74

Street of the 1st of May

1020 Vienna

Inquiries for prices and bookings under:

Polkadot Vienna and Avalon culture

Those who like it less traditional, but rather alternative and casual, can watch the primetime games of the 2018 World Cup in Polkadot or Avalon in the typical 8th district. The current “Avalon Culture” was originally founded by a Waldviertel Association with the aim of bringing Waldviertel and Viennese culture closer together. Recently, the Avalon was taken over by the Polkadot, but this should not distract from the cultural mission of the art and culinary delights. The culture is only extended to the art of football in June / July.

Both locals are located in the alternative and relaxed section, as the Polkadot describes himself as “alternative music bar for students, travelers and awesome people”.

Not all games are transmitted, but in the Avalon from 17.00, while the Polkadot starts from 20.00. Both broadcast indoors and outdoors and can accommodate 40 to 50 guests indoors and 30 to 40 outdoors.

Both clubs offer a casual and relaxed atmosphere in one of the most iconic and beautiful districts of Vienna, and those who do not find room in one, can spontaneously look at the brother diagonally opposite, because the distance between the two is a pleasant 70 meters 😉

And if you are just accompanying a football fan here, let it be said that a walk through the 8th district alone is great. If you invest in the direction of Josefstädter Straße, there are also enough interesting displays to stroll. At the lower end of Josefstädter street there is also the old Theater in the Josephstadt!

public viewing Wien Darstellung der Nähe von Avalon zu Polkadot

Polkadot Vienna

Albertgasse 12

1080 Vienna


Avalon culture

Pfeilgasse 27

1080 Vienna


general info:

All these venues that were so nice to provide us with information, recommend that you make reservations, no matter how much space they offer, because after all, it is World Cup time, there is a general gastronomic state of emergency in the cities. Furthermore, the entry is free, as this is just a criterion for non-commercial events. BUT: they are restaurants and they live on the fact that you not only consume the games but also gastronomically! And on the occasion, we also like to remember that the waiters live on tips ….

Tip for Vienna visitors

And here is a little tip from our editorial team for the male tourists of the City of Music: Who was kidnapped for the 2018 World Cup by his better half here for a city break, can simply get a ticket for his beloved to a classical concert at While she is fascinated by the finger technique of our professional violinists, he can communicate with like-minded people about the foot technique of Messi. The “Hofbräuhaus zum Rathaus” is also very close to the Palais Auersperg. Here the Vienna Residence Orchestra – a classical salon orchestra – plays Mozart and Strauss the best and takes its audience back to the time of Viennese classical music.


We summarize the most important key data for our readers for a simpler


1010 - TGI Fridays

  • All games
  • indoors
  • 240 seats

1080 - Hofbräuhaus zum Rathaus

  • All games
  • indoors and outdoors
  • 280 indoors 200 outdoors

1020 - Kolarik´s Luftburg

  • All games
  • indoors and outdoors
  • 500 total

1020 – Himmelreich (to rent privately!)

  • All games
  • indoors and outdoors
  • 100 indoors 150 outdoors

1080 – Polkadot & Avalon culture

  • Starting at 17.00 Avalon, at 20.00 Polkadot
  • indoors and outdoors
  • 50 indoors 40 outdoors

With these tips for public viewing for visitors to Vienna, we have delivered a few good addresses with enough space and in a good location. So if the rest of the family does not feel like watching soccer, there are other ways to have fun. For example the Prater at the Luftburg or the classical concerts of the Vienna Residence Orchestra around the corner from the Hofbräu to the town hall; Tickets can be booked on our website

Do not miss our continuing article “public viewing WM 2018 in Vienna – the hipest locations for insiders”.

With our two articles on public viewing in Vienna for the World Cup 2018, the most important places should be covered for you. Thus, everyone – Viennese or visitors to Vienna – should find the right place for themselves. So nobody has to stay home and look through the tube like our kitten…

public viewing Vienna - cat is looking through a post slot

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