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New Year’s Concert in Vienna

New Year’s Concert for most people (also according to Wikipedia) stands for the concert of the Vienna Philharmonic. Here’s a question: is it because their New Year’s concert is simply the most famous? After all, the concert will be watched in more than 90 countries by over 50 million viewers. At any rate, it is not the only one….

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The Vienna State Opera at the Vienna Ringstreet

The Vienna State Opera

The Vienna State Opera is one of the greatest and most famous opera houses of our world. It impresses not only by its architectural aspects, countless world premieres are also part of its repertoire. Commissioned by the husband of the famous empress Sissi, the destruction of 1945 and the reopening in 1955, this house has many stories to tell…

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Kind am Klavier als Sinnbild für Mozart und seine Kindheit

Mozart the Prodigy

“Mozart, a wonder of predispositions and their early development!”

Celebrated by many, featured by Falco’s pop song “Amadeus”, his music loved throughout the world … Mozart still has a permanent place in the world of classical concerts in Vienna. We tell the “strange life story of this precocious, great and original genius” … with some nice anecdotes, starting with his childhood…

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electric violine in front of the Gloriette in Schoenbrunn Palace / Vienna

Classical Concert in Vienna – 7 tips

What you should know when visiting a classical concert in Vienna

Wanting to attend a classical concert is one of many reasons why Vienna is a coveted destination for every Europe traveler. Considered by many – even by a lot of Viennese themselves – to be the most beautiful city in the world, Vienna still embodies the seductive flair of an imperial capital of the Fin de Siècle. At the same time it is succeeding in positioning itself as a modern city with a bold contemporary style Architecture, very good (shopping) infrastructure and lively nightlife; there is something for everyone here.

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