A tour through Vienna | on foot

Schwedenplatz to Museumsquartier in summer

A tour through Vienna is a tour through a cosmopolitan city. A 2 million city and still growing. And yet you can manage to pass a huge number of great places, beautiful buildings and parks/ green spaces with a nice long walk. Vienna as a village. At least in this regard. That’s one of the things we love about this city. That’s one of the reasons why everyone has to love this city.

There are so many different ways of getting to know Vienna that we have dedicated to this topic an own category on our blog. And all these possibilities are great if you get it right. That’s why they will be posted one after the other here.

Today we have our first walk together. A chilled, not too long but still rich walk. It is rich, because it will contain a little bit of everything: architecture, gardens, delicious food, cocktails and culture. And fun. And many impressions. And we always leave you the choice.

If you want to strengthen yourself before our tour through Vienna starts, we recommend the “Motto am Fluss”. The selection there is really delicious. It pays to just go for a coffee or a delicious smoothie. Even just a sandwich there is great! Click here for the menu. It is only available in German. Breakfast is available until 4pm. It is not cheap, if you want to have more than a small coffee with croissant expect between 7€ and 14 € – coffee extra. The smoothies cost about 5 €. But they are all worth it. A really cool location. A “ship station” on the Danube Canal with a great terrace and gastronomy by Bernd Schlacher. The terrace ist really awesome!

In the lower part of the ship station there is also a restaurant, but spontaneously we have not gotten any table there yet. Reservations recommended!

Side info Bernd Schlacher

He is one of THE scene gastronomes in Vienna. A native Styrian who settled in Vienna and now has some locations. Gastronomic top locations. And all very stylish. His success story began here almost 30 years ago with the revival of the old “Motto” in the 5th district. One of the trendy bars in Vienna. The “wonderland” of several scenes. Especially the party scene, it is stylish and has really delicious food, even after midnight. Bernd Schlacher also owns “die Halle” in the Museumsquartier opposite the entrance to the MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art). Until recently, also “die Kunsthalle” on Karlsplatz, which is now the “Heuer”. He also does the catering for the Lifeball. Always stylish and always delicious.

Back to the tour through Vienna. Again from the beginning …

From Schwedenplatz go up to Stephansplatz. This is the Rotenturmstraße. On this street, to anyone who is interested, we pass the Hardrock-Café Vienna. Shortly thereafter, opposite the ice cream parlor Zanoni am Lugeck, turn right into the Lichtensteg. After a few meters, there is already something to photograph: On your right side you can see the famous “Ankeruhr”. The Vienna counterpart to the carillon at Munich’s Marienplatz. Only more varied. Here are 12 different illustrations of figures from different eras. At every hour we see a different picture. In addition, they all have their associated piece of music. At noon, they all appear. They are accompanied by the original emperor hymn from Haydn’s “Creation”. Classical music in Vienna.

Ankeruhr Clock

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At the sausage stand

Ok, you took a photo or two, maybe even heard some classical music and we continue our tour through Vienna. Towards Judenplatz. You will pass one of the supposedly best, certainly one of the best-known sausage stands in Vienna. To tell you, I rarely taste big differences. It is the sausage stand at the Hoher Markt. If you are not after the “Motto am Fluß”, or want to save your purse while eating, you are welcome to make a stop here. There are all sorts of sausages. “Käsekrainer” – Carniolan sausage,  “Frankfurter” – Frankfurt sausage or “Bosna” – Bosna  are the biggest hits. The name Bosna comes from “Bosnian”, which is used in Austria as a synonym for rich in herbs and spicy. It is a spicy sausage that was supposedly created by a Bulgarian in Salzburg. You can find more detailed Wikipedia information at all “Sausage links”.

YUMMY! In Vienna they love their sausages… you can get them in many variations and with various addings/toppings. And the young people love the opportunity to go to a sausage stand in the city after clubbing…

Tour through Vienna - various sausages on a grill

Continuing the tour through Vienna

At Judenplatz

With that done and well fed, we also learned something. At the intersection at the sausage stand, turn left and then turn right again in the Schultergasse. Here it starts again, this great flair of the small old streets with cobblestones. Our tour through Vienna takes us – past an old cinema (the ARTIS International) – directly to the beautiful Judenplatz. Here we find next to the Lessing monument the memorial for the Austrian Jewish victims of the Shoah. Schoah is another word for Holocaust. Also located here is the Museum Judenplatz and the Fashion Wien MuseumAnd the former Bohemian court office. A quiet and beautiful place.

From Judenplatz....



The Judenplatz is a really nice hidden place and it offers from here (especially for google maps user without getting lost) nice little side trips. In one of the many cute side streets leading away from Judenplatz. For example, turn left into Kurrentgasse. Where the Kurrentgasse meets the Steindlgasse and the Seitzergasse is the “Kirche am Hof”. It has a sweet little annex, which has been often photographed by enthusiasts.

Here you see that lovely annex of the “Kirche am Hof”:

Spanish Tapas at 5pm

A short tip for all those on our tour through Vienna who get here after 5 pm: Also on this corner you find finest cuisine. If not Austrian. On the corner of Seitzergasse / Parisergasse lies the Bodega Marqués with delicious Spanish tapas. In a great vaulted cellar choose from very typical tapas, such as Almendras (roasted almonds), Al Bondegas (meatballs) or Chorizo ​​(very spicy grilled sausage). Don’t miss the best Manchego (Iberian hard cheese), as well as the precious Jamòn Iberico. And croquetas. I love croquetas! 32 different tapas (including the desserts), with changing specialties on the daily menu. The prices for the individual tapas are between 4 € and 15 €, but with a typical colorful selection you can expect an average of 7 to 8 € per serving. And for all that, they choose the right wine from a nine-page wine list.

They open at 5pm, but for fans of Spanish cuisine it is worth waiting!

Am Hof. Besides Judenplatz.

Along the Seitzergasse (but also via Drahtgasse and others), via the Schulhof, you will reach the first of the two following beautiful squares in Vienna: AM HOF. Occasionally great artisan markets take place here, with unusual art and craft. And every year in summer, the Wiener Lustspielhaus is stationed here with various pieces. Headpiece 2018 is “the conceited patient”. Also Toni Mörwalds Palazzo had already stopped here.


We come to the next little “excursion”:


If you walk along the courtyard on the side of the Park Hyatt Wien, you come directly into the Irisgasse. From here turn right into the Naglergasse. I always walk through it when I am in this corner, because it is so adorable ❤

View on the lovely Naglergasse:

#Wien #Vienna 🚶🏻

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Freyung and Schottenstift

At the end of the Naglergasse we come back to our actual route. We go left down the so-called Heidenschuß and come directly to the Freyung. Here, the organic farmer’s market is always held on Fridays and Saturdays. If you would like to have a coffee break here, we can give you a hint: The Café Diglas in the Schottenstift is one of the Viennese coffee houses of the past. And those who come here in the summer, should try to get a place in their somewhat hidden garden area in the courtyard of the Schottenbastei. Here you have a short rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

tour through Vienna - halftime pic from a marching band

Tour through Vienna


I would think that half of our cozy but substantial tour through Vienna is already over. But it goes on at least as rich in content ….

From the Freyung it is not far to the town hall. Along the Schottengasse we come directly to the Schottenring. Cross it overor underground, as you like. On the other side, turn left and walk along the Universitätsring. First, we pass the historical University of Vienna. A great university and those who want, should enter it and have a look inside. It has already produced some great (and also small) thinkers. Anyone who studies here does so in a truly historic building.

The city hall.

If you do not want to make a detour to the halls of the great thinkers, you will find the beginning of the Rathauspark right after the university. Here you can turn right immediately to enter the Rathauspark from behind. It is really nice to cross it. Summer as well as winter. In winter a small wonderland is created here. Or you stick to the basics and march on the Ring to the Rathausplatz (city hall square) itself. Here it is, at your right. A really nice building, reminiscent of a cathedral. Sure, it was built by a Cologne cathedral master builder … 😉 It not only serves the political decision-making and the Viennese bureaucracy, it is also available for events and partys. Not many city halls can claim that. There are also guided tours through the Vienna City Hall, either on foot or virtually on the basis of online videos. More about that here and here. The tours are free of charge.

For 24 years it was the second home of our beloved mayor Michael Häupl. A casual guy (as he claims to be on his own) that every city can wish for. A down to earth guy who has made no secret of his love of wine. A really nice guy.


Opposite you already find the next big attraction – the Burgtheater. The biggest talk theater in Europe. Built in 1888. Outwardly, it resembles the Semper Opera House and in its interior, it boasts trumpet paintings by Gustav Klimt and his brother Ernst. “Tours of the house take place every day at 3pm in German and on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays also in English. During the months of July and August German and English tours take place on all weekdays. In addition, on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, guided Klimt-tours of the Burgtheater take place at 2 pm “The prices are € 3.50 for children, € 6 for seniors and € 7 for adults. What counts is the age stated in the passport, even if some never grow up … 😊

Detailed information can be found here

Tour through Vienna - The Vienna city hall
Tour through Vienna - the Burgtheater

the Vienna city hall (left) and the Burgtheater (right)

Along the Ring...

The Parliament

We keep our direction and walk from the city hall (or the Burgtheater) along the Ring. It does not matter on which side of the street. You can also change it at any time. On the side of the city hall, the parliament immediately follows the city hall park. An impressive building in Greco-Roman style with neo-gothic influences. No, we are not architecturally educated. This is copied from Wikipedia. But that it is really nice with its double-sided carriage drive and the bronze statues, that’s what we see. Currently it is being renovated and is not a great photo opportunity. But it is necessary after 130 years. In addition, there are currently no guided tours in the High House, but in the Hofburg, in whose Redoutensaal now also the meetings of the two chambers of Parliament take place. The guided tours are held in German and in English, they are free of charge and the plan is here.

Volksgarten, Heldenplatz and between the twins

Anyone who has embarked on the tour through Vienna on the side of the Burgtheater has come across the beautiful Volksgarten behind the theater. To cross it is really nice. Beautiful flowers, beautiful landscape architecture, great public park.
Once you crossed the Volksgarten, you arrive at Heldenplatz. The Heldenplatz. You do not have to say much, just let it work its magic on you. The Heldenplatz (hero´s square) with the Hofburg. The Hofburg with the National Library and the classical concerts that take place here, for example between May and October by the Vienna Hofburg Orchestra. This is Viennese Classic and goosebump experience. If you want to experience this, you can book the tickets here on our online platform. Just let the Heldenplatz affect you. Turn right at the equestrian statue of Prince Eugen, through the outer castle gate. Here, again on the Ring, the next sensation in the sightseeing joins in: opposite is the Maria-Theresien-Platz between the twin museums. The Natural History and Art History Museum. One as beautiful as the other. Sure, they are twins. But not identical. Popular photo opportunities, especially the art-historical interior with its all-around restaurant.

Who wants to go to the museum, we would recommend half a day extra. You do not do that just quickly during a tour through Vienna.

view to the Art History Museum:

Tour through Vienna - view Art History Museum

The left picture shows the view from the one twin (the Natural History Museum) to to his/her brother/sister… 🤔

No matter if brother or sister, the right picture shows the beautiful view inside the Art History Museum.. 😍

Inside the Art History Museum:

Inside the Heavenly Café! ☕️ 🍰 by @bryanlimy #viennanow

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To the Museumsquartier

So for us it continues. On the other side of the street. Here, we already find the Museumsquartier (museum´s quarter). Again, there is far too much to look at and try out. We will write our own article, just about the possibilities and restaurants the MQ offers. Here you have possibilities for more than a day. But slowly we need to come to an end. We are tired. We are hungry. Or we are not because you’ve been through everything with us fast. Or because you ate something everywhere on the way. Either way, here’s one more culinary and a cultural tip:

25hrs and a classical concert

We came to the Museumsquartier from the Maria-Theresienplatz. We go right through the whole MQ. At the end we come out at the Burggasse at the Volkstheater. We cross the Burggasse and follow the Museumstraße. Soon, on the crossing to the Auerspergstraße is the 25hrs hotel. A cool hotel. You should have seen it. The hotels of this small but hip chain all have a different motto. In Vienna, the motto is circus. With the motto “We are all mad here”. The hotel is as colorful and crazy as a circus. With a very good restaurant downstairs. The 1500foodmakers. Why 1500? Because 25 hours have 1500 minutes. Simple 😉 But the portions, except the pizzas are not too big. If you are hungry, and we expect that after the tour through Vienna, you should order pizza. Or eat one of these really delicious burgers in the Weghuberpark in front of the hotel …

Finally, Viennese Classic

And then? After dinner, a real Viennese cultural program can be found just opposite the hotel: in the Auersperg Palace on Auerspergstraße, the Vienna Residence Orchestra performs Viennese classical music concerts every day. At 6.30 pm and at 8.15 pm.  It is a chamber orchestra. That is, it plays in an original concert hall from the time of the princes. These are oval and not huge. Oval therefore, so that the exclusive audience at that time had perfect acoustics and a perfect view of the performance from everywhere. It is not a symphony orchestra. 8 to 12 musicians play classical pieces by Mozart and Strauss in historical costumes. In addition, you’ll hear arias and duets performed by opera singers and there are also ballet intermezzi. The orchestra is led by fabulous first violinists. This is art. They are really impressive. The Palais in which it takes place is impressive. It has a few scratches, but that’s the case with old architecture. Conservation is very expensive and there is always something to do. The concert lasts a good hour and a half. That’s not too much, but It is a unique experience. 

Tickets are available here on our platform, of course. Detailed information and tips for classical concerts you´ll find in our article “classical concert in Vienna  – 7 helpful tips”

tour through Vienna - the Palais Auersperg by night
tour through Vienna - the Vienna Residence Orchestra in concert

Lefthand the time-honored Palais Auersperg. Righthand the Vienna Residence Orchestra in concert inside the Palais… ❤🎻

And then again for a drink, back at the 25hrs. This time with a view over Vienna. Rooftop cocktail. Or rooftop Spritzer. The Viennese national drink. A mix of white wine and soda. One of the coolest roof terrace bars in Vienna. As colorful as the rest of the hotel. Cool music. Delicious cocktails and great atmosphere. And the view over the most liveable city in the world:

Enjoy your #Sunday evening right! 😉

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It was a long day. Eventful and full of culture. But also cool. And delicious … Thank you for being there! See u next time …

Here you will find an overview of our tour divided into 3 maps …

The lightning shows you that there are beautiful photo opportunities there, the little houses stand for food opportunities and the pink stars for entertainment. Have fun!

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