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Winetasting & Concert

Join us for a wonderful wine tasting and classical concert in the heart of Vienna! All our music has either been written in or inspired by this great city! And what better inspiration than wine! Our wines all come from the Vienna region. This event offers you exclusive access to the aristocratic and imperial lifestyle that Vienna is well known for.

Bring your glass to your seat and be serenaded by our world-class musicians. You will have the chance to rub shoulders with our artists after the concert and perhaps share a drink with us.

We invite you to join us in our Toast to Vienna!

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Wine and Classical Concerts in Vienna:

Not only is Vienna the world capital of classical concerts, but Vienna is also the world capital of wine! Grapes were cultivated in Vienna as early as 1132 AD. Included in your ticket is a series of Austrian wines that will be available during the break for tasting and drinking.

At Salon Razumovsky you will find an intimate and truly authentic concert venue in the heart of... Vienna.
Prince Razumovsky, a great patron of the arts, commissioned three String Quartets from Beethoven, the Razumovsky Quartets. Notably, Beethoven dedicated his 5th Symphony to the Prince Razumovsky.


Classical Concert and Wine tasting - What to expect:

the event:
Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed with a glass of chilled prosecco or a soft drink, a personalised program and you’ll be shown to the beautiful hall. There you will experience a selection of music by Viennese composers: Haydn, Kreisler, Schubert, Mahler, Beethoven, and a touch of Mozart and J.Strauss. You can take your drink to your seat.
After the perfo...rmance, there will be a chance to meet the performers and share a drink with your hosts.

The venue:
The halls and rooms of the Salon Razumovsky will pluck you out of the 21st century and take you back in time to the early 1900s. The beauty and detail of this salon can only be seen by our exclusive guests, giving you the opportunity to revel in Vienna's culture, history and beauty.
Located a “stone’s throw” away from the Belvedere Palace, the Salon Razumovsky is a stunning view into Vienna's culture, the way music lovers have enjoyed and witnessed music making for centuries.



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Experience classical music in its true home, a turn of the century salon.
Experience classical music in its true home, a turn of the century salon.
Be part of an exclusive experience.
Be part of an exclusive experience.
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