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1. GENERAL website ('the Website') provides online information and online provision for the sale of tickets to various events of a mainly cultural nature.


The information provided on the Website is thoroughly checked and regularly updated. is not liable either for the accuracy or for any omissions in the information submitted by any organisation or individual providing the events listed on the Website ('Event Organiser'). This refers but is not limited to data and information concerning the time and date of events, their location, security and safety arrangements, programme, casting, stage visibility, performance and quality of the event.


Any user of the Website browsing for information or using the Website to book and/or purchase tickets ('the User') hereby acknowledges that they have informed themselves of all matters relevant to the event directly from the Event Organiser, with particular regard to any regulations dealing with protection of minors and any applicable house rules etc..


 As a contractual relationship concerning the event exists only between the Event Organiser and the User, is not obliged to provide any further or additional event information e.g. details of cancellation or postponement of an event. Nevertheless, will use its best efforts to pass on any notification of changes it receives to the User.


Unless otherwise expressly stated is not the Event Organiser of the events offered on the Website. acts solely as a ticket agent and is not liable for the type, content and quality of the event for which the User has booked tickets and provides no guarantee whatsoever in this regard. The User hereby expressly acknowledges that the sole purpose of the contract entered into between the User and is the procurement of tickets.


The ticket selection offered on the Website is freely accessible and non-binding. By clicking on the “Buy” button the User makes a binding offer which is accepted by The contract thereby entered into is subject to the condition that the payment procedure has been executed properly and that the number of tickets in the selected category are still available when payment is finalised.





Use of the Website and the information contained in it is at the User's own risk. Links to other internet sites are a characteristic of the worldwide web (www) and do not form part of the content of the Website.  The User hereby expressly acknowledges that accepts no liability  for the content of any links nor for any information contained in them. hereby states that the right of usage of the type, lay-out, graphic design and content of the Website belongs exclusively to (except insofar as partial content from individual events or Event Organisers has been used).


In addition, retains all rights to copyright, trademark and all other legal rights relating thereto. The use (wholly or partly) of lay-out, form, graphic design or any other content of the Website and in particular its duplication, distribution, broadcast or performance (for commercial or other purposes) is therefore strictly prohibited and will take all necessary legal action to enforce its rights.





The prices shown on the Website are inclusive of all taxes and fees.


All prices are listed in euro, US dollars, pound sterling and yen but are debited in euro. The display of prices in currencies other than euro is for information purposes only and accuracy is not guaranteed.  The User is recommended to consult their bank or credit card provider for details of any currency conversion or other charges. All payment methods offered by Stripe interface are supported by the Website.


The total amount of the order is payable as soon as the contract is concluded and is debited from the User's chosen method of payment.


In the event of payment failure the User will be advised immediately on the Website and requested to enter an alternative method of payment.





Promptly upon successful completion of payment the User will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a personalised reservation number (Unique Booking ID) together with a direct link to enable download or retrieval of an e-ticket. Users are requested to print out the e-ticket (receipt) if possible and to present it upon entry to the event in order to gain admittance.


In the event of inability to print out an e-ticket, sight of the e-ticket on a mobile electronic device (mobile telephone, tablet etc.) is normally sufficient to gain entry. It is recommended to check entry requirements in advance with the Event Organiser. The User is also recommended to arrive at the event in advance of the advertised time. All information relevant to attendance at the event is contained in the e-ticket (receipt).


The issuance of e-tickets is free of charge. The distribution of tickets through the post is not necessary as the whole booking process is effected electronically. All bookings made by means of

e-mail, telephone or over the internet are legally binding.


In case of failure to receive a confirmation of booking the User must contact by e-mail within 72 hours at the following address: [email protected]. sells tickets only according to price category and the User is allocated their seat within that category by the venue box office.



5. EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY/DISCLAIMER accepts liability only for direct losses suffered by the User which arise from failure to perform the main contractual obligation, namely the sale of tickets. In addition, liability is limited to an amount which does not exceed the total booking amount. is not liable for any indirect damages, consequential loss or third-party damages. assumes no liability whatsoever for the type, content, length, quality and/or (for whatever reason) impact of the event for which the User has booked a ticket.


Casting, date and/or programme changes of events can occur and do not entitle the User to either refund or exchange of the booked tickets. Any refund or exchange remain the liability and responsibility of the Event Organiser. is not liable for postponement or cancellation of the event. Where postponement or cancellation does occur is liable neither for direct nor indirect damages arising as a consequence e.g. travel costs, frustrated expenses etc.. is not bound to inform the user of cancellation, postponement or rescheduling of an event but will nevertheless endeavour to do so insofar as such information can be communicated over the Website. acts exclusively as a ticket agent and therefore is not liable for repayment of ticket costs. Any repayment due is made by the Event Organiser to whom all claims are to be directed. will voluntarily support the User in making any such claim, but is not legally bound to do so.


The User hereby expressly acknowledges that film and video recordings of the event may be taken and may include members of the audience. as a ticket agent is not liable for any breaches of privacy law arising from any such recordings. is not liable for any impairment arising as a consequence of the volume of sound at an event.





The User's personal details including name, address and e-mail address are used strictly in accordance with all existing data protection legislation as well as's Data Protection Declaration.


Our website is SSL-encrypted. This is confirmed by the “https:” which appears in your browser line. SSL-encryption ensures that data exchanged between the Website and the User cannot be tracked and read by third parties.


The security protection of the whole website is particularly relevant to our order forms. As a result of SSL-Encryption the data entered by the User cannot be read or tracked by third parties (for example in a public WiFi spot). The User may surf the Website in complete security at all times before being forwarded to their payment provider.





7. FINAL PROVISIONS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions with future effect at any time and without explanation.


In the event of any one condition of the contract becoming void for any reason the contract as a whole will remain in force.






In the case of any legal dispute arising from a contract for sale of a ticket over the Website a user operating as a commercial undertaking or in a commercial capacity (' Business User') is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court of Vienna, Austria. For a user who is a consumer the jurisdiction of the territorially and competent court in Austria is agreed.


It is therefore expressly agreed that domestic jurisdiction applies. hereby notifies the User that we do not take part in any Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme (pursuant to ODR-Regulation (EU) Nr 524/2013.


Contact details for in event of any complaint can be obtained from the Website.


In addition to these General Terms and Conditions (all amendments and additional agreements to these General Terms and Conditions must be in writing) the relevant mandatory legal provisions applicable to this type of contract in Austria are valid.


The provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are valid for all forms of's directly accessible services. The edition of the General Terms and Conditions in existence at the time of order and published on the Website applies.


Business Users hereby expressly acknowledge that they are excluded from all consumer protection regulation. Where a direct contractual relationship already exists between Business Users and these General Terms and Conditions are subsidiary or supplementary to that existing contract.


Business Users of must bring these General Terms and Conditions to the attention of their own customers as a legal precaution when bookings are transacted through the Website. No contractual relationship is created between the Business User's end customer and and no direct claims can be made in this regard against In the event of legal uncertainty these General Terms and Conditions of apply.