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Chamber Orchestra

The Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra awaits you at the Palace Orangery where Mozart himself performed in 1786.

The concert is a fine selection of the arias and duets from the operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the famous polkas and waltzes of Johann Strauss. The orchestra is accompanied by opera singers.

Since the establishment of the Schonbrunn Palace Concerts, the daily performances of the Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra play an essential role in Vienna's cultural and musical life.

At the Orangery Schonbrunn, a place rich in tradition, the Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra and the Schonbrunn Palace Ensemble perform the most beautiful tunes of the classic composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss.

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Schonbrunn Palace Concerts - What to expect:

The concert:
The duration of the Schonbrunn Palace Concerts is 1 hour and 45 minutes., including a break of 15 minutes. In the first part of the classical concert you will listen to some of the wonderful overtures, arias and duets from the operas from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. For example “Le nozze di Figaro”, “Don Giovanni” or “the Magic Flute”. The second part is dedi...cated to Johann Strauss. Waltzes, polkas and arias from “the Bat”, “the Gipsy Baron” or the “Blue Danube Waltz” are just a few examples.

The venue:
Schonbrunn Palace does not need an introduction. Listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, the palace with its park, fountains and the zoo is unique in the world.
The Schonbrunn Palace Concerts usually take place in the “Orangery”, a side building of the palace and in the “Great Gallery“, located in the main building. Both concert halls are quite long, so it is advisable to get seats in the front, even if it means to spend a little more.

Like most of the historical concert locations in Vienna, there are no numbered seats in Schonbrunn Palace. You can choose your seats within the category. If the concert is fully booked, you will be seated by the evening personnel to avoid empty seats. If you booked your tickets together you will be seated together. The evening box opens 30 minutes before the concert starts. We advise to be on time.

There is no special dresscode.

Orchestra Size and cast of the Schonbrunn Palace Concerts:
The orchestra consists of 16 musicians accompanied by two opera singers.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellation free of charge is possible until 3 days in advance.
Groups (from 10 Persons): cancellation free of charge is possible until 3 weeks in advance.

Information for people with disabilities:
The access is barrier-free


More about Schonbrunn Palace Concerts:

Schoenbrunn Palace Concerts were founded in 1994. The Orchestras repertoire focuses on the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss and other composers of that era. They have become an important musical ambassador of Austria and toured through Japan, Croatia, Germany, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Denmark.

The members of the Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra are youn...g, dedicated and artistically highly qualified musicians. All of them have previously played in various orchestras and well-known concert halls in Austria.

They have received their education and training at internationally renowned conservatories and universities. The Schoenbrunn Palace Orchestra has a long tradition of working with singers and ballet dancers.

The Schonbrunn Palace concerts take place in the Orangery of the palace. A unique historic structure that was built around 1760 with the purpose of overwintering orange plants inside a greenhouse.
The Orangery served not only as the winter quarters for citrus trees and other plants kept in tubs but also as a winter garden used for court festivities. Joseph II was especially fond of holding celebrations in the Orangery with festively-decorated banqueting tables, ranks of flowering plants and illuminations in the citrus trees.

One of these concerts was the setting for the competition between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Salieri in 1786, probably the only time this ever occurred.

Schonbrunn Palace itself is not only the largest palace in Austria, it is also one of the most visited sights in Vienna, second only to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Every year almost 4 million tourists visit the former imperial summer residence.



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a view of the stage of the Concert in  Schoenbrunn Palace
Concert in Schoenbrunn Palace
a view of the Concert Hall in the Orangery
Orangery Concert Hall at Schoenbrunn Palace
Conductor of the Schoenbrunn Palace Concert
Schoenbrunn Palace Concert / Conductor
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Schoenbrunn Palace Concert / Standing Ovations
Great Gallery at Schoenbrunn Palace
Great Gallery at Schoenbrunn Palace