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Solo Trumpet and Organ

Get in the mood for Christmas with Magic Trumpet - a programme of the finest Christmas carols and festive Music - in superb interpretations by the trumpet player and organist.

The wonderfully restored St. Anne's, THE Baroque insider tip in Vienna's city centre, opens its doors again for Christmas concerts in a peaceful atmosphere. The programme ranges from the Viennese Classic period to the most beautiful Austrian and international Christmas songs, masterfully interpreted by the trumpet player and organist - a joyful and joyful evening that gets you in Christmas mood and which you should not miss. Inspirational text interventions contribute to the peaceful and intimiate atmosphere.

  • December 2023

Magic Trumpet at St. Anne's Church Vienna - What to expect:

The concert:
The Performance of Magic Trumpet at St. Anne's Church Vienna starts at 7:30h pm and lasts about 60 minutes, with no break.

Wolfgang Mair, trumpet
Reinhard Schobesberger, organ/piano

Works by W. A. Mozart, J. S. Bach, F. Schubert, J. Haydn & more
as well as the most beautiful national and Advent songs

The venue:
St. Anne's Church (German: Annakirche) is located in Vienna, Austria, and has been administered by the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales since 1906. A relic of Saint Anne - her right hand - is kept in a rich Baroque setting and exhibited every year on July 26.

There is 1 Ticket category. Within the Category there is free seating.

The concert venue is a church, please dress appropriately.

Information for people with disabilities:
Unfortunately access with wheelchairs is not possible.

Safety Measures concerning Corona:
Enjoy our concerts carefree and in compliance with all COVID-19 protective measures.

Below are our most important prevention measures:

Masks are compulsory during your entire stay.
Groups of visitors can sit together, in accordance with the legal regulations.
We recommend that you book separate seats if you do not live in the same household.
The Social Distancing Tool automatically blocks the adjacent seats.
For more information, please refer to the section Information Concerning COVID-19.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].


St. Anne's Church, Vienna - History:

St. Anne's chapel existed since 1320. In 1518, the Gothic church was consecrated on the occasion of Saint Anne's Day (26 July). The church was administered first by the Poor Clare Sisters, then by the Jesuits. Between 1629 and 1634, the Jesuits started the Baroquisation of the Gothic church. After a fire in 1747, Pozzo's pupil Christoph Tausch transformed it into late baroque using tromp...e l'oeil techniques. On 25 June 1747 lightning struck the tower of the church, burning down the roof framing but leaving intact the frescos. In 1751, Daniel Gran began the renovation of the interior, blackened by candle smoke. In 1773, the Jesuit order was dissolved. After starting to work in the church in 1897, the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales received the church in 1906.

Gran's frescos were renovated in the 19th century and again in 1969–1970. The 1976 Friuli earthquake, which killed 1,000 people in Northeastern Italy, damaged the church. From 2003 to 2005, the Annakirche was renovated under the auspices of the Federal Monuments Office Vienna.

Daniel Gran created the three ceiling frescos, the high altar painting, and the frescos in the Franz Xaver chapel. The wood-carved statue representing Saint Anne with Virgin Mary and the Christ Child dates back to 1510 and is attributed to Veit Stoss. The side altarpieces were executed by Kremser Schmidt. Christoph Tausch has responsibility for the spatial arrangement.

The organ was made by the Austrian organ builder Johann Hencke (3 December 1697 Geseke – 24 September 1766 Vienna).

St. Anne's Church is famous for its frescos by Daniel Gran. The topics of the frescoes are:
The Glory of St. Anne
The Glory of the Virgin Mary
The Glory of the new born Christ Child



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Wien - Annakirche
St. Anne's Church Vienna
St. Anne's Church Vienna
St. Anne's Church Vienna - Interior
St. Anne's Church Vienna - Interior
St. Anne's Church Vienna - Ceiling fresco by Daniel Gran (CC BY 2.5 - Alberto Fernandez Fernandez)
St. Anne's Church Vienna - Ceiling fresco by Daniel Gran (CC BY 2.5 - Alberto Fernandez Fernandez)
Magic Trumpet at St. Anne's Church Vienna - Soloists
Magic Trumpet at St. Anne's Church Vienna - Soloists
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