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Chamber Orchestra

Experience an exciting Strauss & Mozart Concert by the Vienna Residence Orchestra.
Additionally to the wonderful music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss you will enjoy other famous works by Antonio Vivaldi, Johannes Brahms and Ludwig van Beethoven .

Renowned for its authentic interpretation of Viennese classical music, the Vienna Residence Orchestra has a long and successful tradition. Tours around the world and a daily concert series in Vienna have excited thousands of guests.

In 1991 the orchestra was appointed the official representative of the City of Vienna in the festivities commemorative the bicentenary of Mozart’s death and has also performed a number of concerts at the "Vienna International Festival".

Enjoy an authentic interpretation of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's musical genius, the lively sounds of Johann Strauss' dances, the playfulness of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and the majestic sound of Ludwig van Beethoven.

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Strauss & Mozart Concert by the Vienna Residence Orchestra - What to expect:

The concert:
The Strauss and Mozart concert lasts 90 minutes, with a 15 min. break. The program is dedicated to Viennese Classical Music. Apart from works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johann Strauss, Antonio Vivaldi, Johannes Brahms and Ludwig van Beethoven, you will also discover some gems like music from Franz Lehár or Robert Stolz.
Excerpts from the program are “Summe...r” from the “the Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi, “a little Night Music” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, “the Romance nr 2 in F Major” by Ludwig van Beethoven, or “the Radetzky March” by Johann Strauss.

The venue:
The performance usually takes place in the "Rosenkavalier Hall" at the Palais Auersperg, a historic Palace in the Inner City built in 1706 and located right next to Underground Station "Volkstheater".
The Palais Auersperg played a key role in Austrian and Viennese History and with its beautiful private Park and its baroque Halls it is a testimony to the old "imperial Vienna".

The Rosenkavalier Hall in the Palais Auersperg is one of the unique historical concert venues with an oval-cut Hall. In old times when classical music was performed only for those invited from the Prince it was important that every guest had a good view and that the music could be heard even without amplifiers.

Like most of the historical concert locations in Vienna, the Rosenkavalier Hall has no numbered seats. You will be seated by the evening personnel within your category. If you booked your tickets together you will always be seated together. The evening box opens 30 minutes before the concert starts. We advise to be on time.

There is no strict dress code for most of the classical concerts in Vienna.

Orchestra Size and cast of the Vienna Residence Orchestra:
The Vienna Residence Orchestra is a Chamber Orchestra, that means they perform with 5 - 10 musicians, accompanied by Opera Singers and Ballet.
This cast is perfect for the acoustics of the Rosenkavalier Hall. Please be prepared that In times of Covid 19 this setup might change, due to regulations by the government.

Cancellation policy:
Full refunds are available until one week before the day of the concert. Thereafter a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged. All cancellations must be received in written form.

Information for people with disabilities:
Elevator available - registration recommended.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s time in Vienna was fruitful, creative and full of stories. It brought forth some of his best compositions, he found his eternal love, but it was also the place where he died haunted by depression.

Mozart first came to Vienna when he was 6 years old. He and his sister were presented as the “Wunderkinder” (child prodigies) in front of the nobi...lity as part of a “european tour” to the imperial courts of Europe.

Around 1780, at the age of 24 he came to Vienna as part of his work for Archbishop Colloredo and he stayed there until his death in 1791.
His first opera composed in Vienna is “Entführung aus dem Serail” (“Abduction from the Seraglio”) and a huge success. In the same year he married Constanze Weber. The couple had six children, of whom only two survived infancy.

In the following years success and tragedy take their turns in Mozart’s time in Vienna. In 1786 one of his most popular operas, “Le Nozze di Figaro” (Figaro's marriage) premieres. One year later in 1787 Mozart’s father died in Salzburg and news of his death hit Mozart, who has had a troubled relationship with him, very hard.

In the same year he finishes “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” (a little night Music) and another of his famous operas, “Don Giovanni” (Don Juan), followed by the “Cosi fan tutte” in 1790 as well as several sinfonies.

During that phase he became friends with Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. Ludwig van Beethoven spent several weeks in Vienna, and hoped to study with Mozart, but there are no records that the two ever met.

1791 started as a year where things seemed to go well for Mozart. His financial situation, a source of anxiety, improved and he premiered his opera “Die Zauberflöte” (The Magic Flute).
At the end of the year he became ill and could not leave his bed. While being nursed by his wife and her youngest sister, he was mentally occupied with finishing his final masterpiece “The Requiem” (known as the “Mozart Requiem”).

Mozart dies in Vienna on December 5th 1791. The cause of his death is not known with certainty, but the official record states it as “severe miliary fever”. Mozart’s funeral did not reflect his standing with the public as a composer. Although his memorial services and concerts in Vienna and Prague were well-attended, the funeral itself was modest.

in the period immediately after his death, his reputation rose substantially. Nowadays classical music cannot be separated with the musical genius of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Everyone has most likely heard a piece of music composed by him, consciously or unconsciously.

The Vienna Residence Orchestra has a long tradition of authentic interpretations of Mozart’s music. Visit the concert series Strauss & Mozart Concerts by the Vienna Residence Orchestra and let yourself be carried away by the most beautiful works by Mozart and Strauss.



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Vienna Residence Orchestra - Cellist
Vienna Residence Orchestra - Cellist
Vienna Residence Orchestra - Rosenkavaliersaal /Palais Auersperg
Vienna Residence Orchestra - Rosenkavaliersaal /Palais Auersperg
Vienna Residence Orchestra - Rosenkavaliersaal /Palais Auersperg
Vienna Residence Orchestra - Rosenkavaliersaal /Palais Auersperg
Palais Auersperg Vienna - Vestibuel
Palais Auersperg Vienna - Vestibuel
Palais Auersperg Vienna - Vestibuel
Palais Auersperg Vienna - Vestibuel
Palais Auersperg Vienna - Vestibuel
Palais Auersperg Vienna - Vestibuel
Palais Auersperg Vienna - entrance to Rosenkavaliersaal
Palais Auersperg Vienna - entrance to Rosenkavaliersaal
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